Henshin Ryu

Karate in Comté de Cook, Illinois ( États-Unis )

Henshin Ryu

Martial art: Karate
1011 Sommerset Ct, Elgin, IL 60120, USA
Comté de Cook, Illinois ( États-Unis )
Contact informations
Karate 10am Children (5-15 yrs) & 11am Adults (16+) Our school of Karate uses a Classical form of training which is designed to slowly build Self Defence Skills Utilizing Punches, Strikes, Kicks, Blocks and Fitness of all ours students. Kenjitsu 12pm Adults Only (18+)This class teaches the Ancient Samurai Art of Sword Fighting which focuses on the use of Katana (Sword), Wakazashi (Companion Sword),Tanto (Knife) & Naginata (Halberd).Saturdays at Bean Youth & Community CentreLesson Fee 5 or 7.50 For Both Adult ClassesNo Need To Book Just Turn Up & Bring - Loose Clothing, A Bottle of Water & Lesson Fee.

For More Info Call 07972087624 or Visit Our Website www.henshinryu.com

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